vintage hamilton beach scovill food processor

Yes, I am calling it vintage. 

I’m excited to finally have something that will chop, shred, and purée all of my ingredients.  Even if it does have wood paneling.

I can now make my own hummus. Like Beet-Carrot Hummus

1 C. cooked chickpeas
1/3 C. tahini
1/2 C. beets
1/2 C. carrots
1 tsp. chopped garlic
4 T. lemon juice
3 T. olive oil – more or less depending on consistency
1. combine all the ingredients in the food processor (or blender) and purée until smooth.
2. add olive oil if the consistency is not smooth and creamy enough.  You can always adjust any of the ingredients depending on your tastes.  

The consistency of this batch wasn’t ideal, but it still taste amazing. Normally, it would be a pink/red color but I used golden beets from my CSA box.

I used the beet-carrot hummus in a quesadilla/wrap type dish for dinner. I added it to a fiber & flax seed tortilla with diced tomatoes and feta cheese, grilled it for a couple minutes and then topped it with shredded lettuce.  


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